24 de ene. de 2015

All We Are | Stone

‘Stone’ is now available on iTunes. Album out on 2nd February 2015.

Pre-Order the album "All We Are", with instant downloads of ‘Stone’, ‘ Keep Me Alive’, 'I Wear You' and 'Feel Safe': Pre-Order the debut LP from Domino Mart and receive a bonus 7" featuring exclusive tracks 'Reach' & 'Just Give It To Me' Music by All We Are - Rich (Drums), Guro (Bass), Luis (Guitar).

Tropics | Lighnin' Hopkins - Mojo Hand (Tropics Remix)

18 de ene. de 2015

Myst | 1992 Tape

FREE 90s style rap beats :)!
Always enjoyed making old school flips like these, there's something very relaxing about it..
Feel free to vocal any of these in any way, I will probably upload more over the next few months.
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9 de ene. de 2015

Vince Dolphin | New Caledonia

Polyphony | Annual

Marika Hackman | Animal Fear

Marika Hackman’s Drown deservedly made our top 100 songs of 2014 list, and her latest offering, Animal Fear, is further indication that her debut LP is shaping up to be rather special. Her most diverse composition to date, it somehow manages to be the closest she’s come to a no strings attached pop song, whilst also being thrillingly varied and experimental. Alongside the release of Animal Fear, she’s announced details of an exhibition of the images that form the album art, created with the aid of Glen Erler. Tickets, which include a full band performance of the album, can be purchased here (strictly limited to 70), and as a concept, yet again showcases the sort of ingenuity that fuels her music. Find out more via an interview with DIY.

4 de ene. de 2015

Swisher | Dirty Games

NO ZU | Raw Vis Vision

Camel Power | Club Laïka

"Papa was a gangster, mama was a dealer, i'm gonna buy a gun i'm gonna be a killer" Don't need to argue why, no mercy no pity, no matter where you hide you just won't escape it, don't know what's wrong with you, you should have it small, it's all about you ego, we can't let it go. If you feel like going hunting, we gonna shoot you down. Ghost killer, works better in the night.

Gene White | I Feel You In The Rain

Swarvy | Kittylitter


3 de ene. de 2015

Favela | Gong

It’s been the best part of a year since we heard original material from 22 year old Leeds based producer, Favela, and aside from a few remixes, he’s been completely quiet. His newest offering, Gong, is a welcome return, and certainly of the same sort of standard as Easy Yoke, which had us salivating last year. Slicker than Fyfe, as melodic as James Blake and with the glistening production associated with the likes of SOHN, it’s further indication of his exceptional talents. Check out Gong below.

12 de dic. de 2014

Spazzkid | Daytime Disco (Feat. Neon Bunny)

I am just not getting sick of water-droplet-drops. And here comes another one from a usual suspect, Spazzkid, and a surprise featured vocalist, Korean singer Neon Bunny. On “Daytime Disco,” her velvet casual tones mix perfectly with Redito’s established aesthetic, leaving no question as to why this song is called just what it is.