16 de mar. de 2015


"ancient robot symphony conducted with prog guitar and cute alien cats! crystal harvest in an acorn. a billion abstract shapes singing a love song to the color pink. a waterslide made up of sugar. pat metheny finally looks in the mirror and laughs about how he looks like mel gibsons sister, subsequently scores a snes game called 'Funny Head Time' -love stany bb"

13 de mar. de 2015

Eskmo | Mind of War

VentureX | I Don't Wanna Leave

Jaakko Eino Kalevi | Double Talk

Spazzkid | Artist Mix

Artist Mixes are an ongoing series of mixtapes curated by some of our favorite musicians.

This week, the Los Angeles-based artist Spazzkid shares a mixtape of songs he uses to keep sane on the road.

via Spazzkid: Being on the road for weeks at a time can be a fun and exhausting experience. There are times when I feel like breaking down emotionally from all the external pressure I’m always surrounded by. Being an introverted person, it’s easy to feel uncentered and distracted whenever I can’t find alone time, which is almost impossible when you’re always around people. The songs in this mix are some that save me in those times and give me that little boost I need whenever I feel low. Most of them are my friend’s work and some mine, both old and new. You will notice bright, upbeat sounds but also introspective ones. Best listened (and danced) to in a car on an empty freeway.

Sister Wanzala | Shy Heat / Heaven

Three brothers from London uploaded their first track to SoundCloud about two weeks ago. Sister Wanzala make self-proclaimed cold funk, and the good vibes are undeniable. Their latest is “Shy Heat / Heaven” and instead of trying to define it, I’ll just let their words do the talking:

I grunt about drunks in diamond mines, defenseless relationships and the follies and foibles inherent in being ”half-black” yet being in possession of neither a big, nor a “half-big,” reproductive organ.

Patrick Wanzala-Ryan: Guitars & Vocals
Christopher Wanzala-Ryan: Bass & Vocals
Mark Wanzala-Ryan: Drums & Vocals