23 abr. 2015

Leon Osborn | You Were Gone (Ft. Barksdale)

Out now :) Get it here --> 

Iodek | Miracles

Rootnote | S T A Y B L V N T E D

@rootnotecollective and @blvntrecords are very proud to present

nothing much to say cept smoke weed to this shit n enjoy it. Blvnt records shares the same amount of love for the green as do we so we thought it would only be right that we hit ya with a project for 4/20
its free to DL as well.

John Talabot | EDITS

When I'm on tour travelling I do edits. While waiting in airports, customs, hotels, soundchecks or travelling in planes, cars, vans, trains or boats I do them. 
Here's a small selection of edits I've done, some of them are released, some of them will be, some of them won't, but you will have them here :) hope you like them. JT

22 abr. 2015

pplz | enniotape

samples are from: ennio morricone, alessandro alessandroni and miscellaneous library records. from sept-nov 2014.

Jonny Nash | Exit Strategies

Jonny Nash returns to Melody As truth following his " Phantom Actors" EP. "Exit Strategies" puts Nash's layered guitar textures at centre stage, further demonstrating his ability to draw emotion from the simplest of elements. A glimmering mini LP of lush and spacious compositions, surrounded by Nash's own unique air and atmospheric touch.

Emiliana Torrini | Nightfall (Pale Blue)

Emiliana and Kid Koala made a new track together for the the movie "Men, Women and Children". The Soundtrack from the movie is available.

Dallas Cotton | Sometime (feat. Brasstracks)

Horns: @brasstracks
Mastering: @y2k2y
Artwork: @krane

15 abr. 2015