23 de feb. de 2015

K.Sensei | Blossom魂

Ogi feel the Beat | Jazzy way
Pure Dopeness International is a strictly talented worldwide beatmakers collective delivering free high quality beattapes. Our artists come from Japan, France, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Russia, South Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland...

El. Train | ohbaby.

Lets keep it rolling.....

- - | S O C I A L M E D I A | - -


He Looks Just Like You | He Even Says The Same Things | He's Always Hanging Upside Down | He Looks Just Like You | He Even Wears The Same Clothes | In Winter Summer Comes Around | Back In Paradise | It's Like Another Country | If They Could Only See You Smile | Nobody Watches Us | Deep Inside A Death Machine Maze | They're Trying To Make It Through The Night | He Looks Just Like You | He Even Says The Same Things | He's Always Hanging Upside Down | In 1995 | He Even Wears The Same Clothes | He Says He's Going Underground | He Looks Just Like You | He Even Loves Like We Used To... | Enjoy The First Single From "Dear Tommy"! xo Johnny

10 de feb. de 2015

❀ Harrison ❀ | You're Light (Feat. Maddee)

My first single off my upcoming EP colors, available April 7th



NZ を代表する2人のプロデューサーによるスペシャルユニット誕生!


いまやニュージーランドを代表するプロデューサーに成長したジュリアン・ ダインと、先日、全国 4 カ所で行われた2度目の来日ツアーも各会場とも大 盛況、デビューアルバム「Melodies」発表以降、瞬く間に今の地位を築き、 国内において絶大な人気を得るマイク・ファブラウスこと LORD ECHO、 このワンダフルノイズには欠かせないこの二人によるスペシャルユニットが 誕生! は独特の宇宙感的なシンセが駆け巡り、テイストに満ちた 珠玉ディープハウス。エレクトロニックのテンションと、Polydor 後期のロ イ・エアーズを彷彿とさせる走るベースライン、スペーシーなシンセとが舞 うジャジー&フュージョン & ブギーな、現行ブギー・ディスコ。

ARTIST : LORD JULIEN TITLE : Shades c/w Tennis Under File : Houce,Techno,Disco and Beat Down LABEL : WONDERFUL NOISE  Cat Number : WN12042 Format : 12 inch with Sleeve Release : 2015年3月中〜下旬(予定)/ Mid March 2015 ※The schedule is subject to change. ※初回出荷分は完全受注生産になります。 12”vinyl 45RPM A.Shades B.Tennis

Produced by Lord Echo & Julien Dyne  Mastered by Kelly Hibbert A&R Kenji Sakajiri

smitty the bg | above light

24 de ene. de 2015

All We Are | Stone

‘Stone’ is now available on iTunes. Album out on 2nd February 2015.

Pre-Order the album "All We Are", with instant downloads of ‘Stone’, ‘ Keep Me Alive’, 'I Wear You' and 'Feel Safe': Pre-Order the debut LP from Domino Mart and receive a bonus 7" featuring exclusive tracks 'Reach' & 'Just Give It To Me' Music by All We Are - Rich (Drums), Guro (Bass), Luis (Guitar).

Tropics | Lighnin' Hopkins - Mojo Hand (Tropics Remix)

18 de ene. de 2015

Myst | 1992 Tape

FREE 90s style rap beats :)!
Always enjoyed making old school flips like these, there's something very relaxing about it..
Feel free to vocal any of these in any way, I will probably upload more over the next few months.
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